Lamar Jackson says he’s focused on becoming more of a vocal leader

The Baltimore Ravens have plenty of leaders on their team. One of those players is quarterback Lamar Jackson, who leads with his play on the field as well as how he carries himself off of it. He has grown into more of a leader over the course of his first three years in the league, but entering his fourth season, Jackson wants to evolve even more in that regard.

When asked about how he sets a tone for where he wants the team to go, Jackson said that he wants to be more of a vocal leader, while also pointing to the fact that he wants to lead by example.

“Yes, just lead by example. I’m going to try to be more of a vocal leader. I always say that, but I’ve got to start presenting it how it should, [how] the guys are wanting me to sometimes. But lead by example, work hard. We’re trying not to make mistakes. If we do make a mistake, we’re going to repeat it until it’s right. We’re trying to perfect our craft. We’re trying to be perfect out there, even though some things are not going to be perfect – but we’re trying to make it happen. So, that’s about it – just lead by example.”

Baltimore has an extremely talented team, and part of what will take them far is certain players and their ability to lead. Jackson will once again look to grow in that area, although he has already transformed into a player who the entire Ravens organization rallies around. As he looks to become more of a vocal leader, it will require him supporting his teammates while also telling them ways that they can improve. Jackson has already been leading by example for a long time. Baltimore is truly his team, and he’s fully embracing his role as their leader.