Lamar Jackson reacts to Patrick Mahomes' mega deal: 'I gotta win me a Super Bowl'

Chris Cwik
·1 min read

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson knows he’s got work to do if he wants to make Patrick Mahomes money in the future. Jackson spoke to ESPN on Monday, where he revealed his initial reaction to Mahomes’ new mega contract.

Jackson, 23, responded by saying, “I gotta win me a Super Bowl.” If Jackson is hoping to get a similar contract, or wants to use Mahomes as a comparison once Jackson is up for a new deal, he needs to win a championship. That’s the best way for Jackson to make close to $503 million.

The relevant part of the conversation begins at 3:25.

Jackson goes on to explain that he was surprised when he heard that number, but added that he believes Mahomes is worth it.

“It’s a crazy number, you know? No one has ever dreamed about that, well, [they] probably dreamed about it, but no one expected that, especially half a billion dollars. That’s different. He deserves it, though. He deserves it.”

The beginning of the interview focused on Jackson’s rating in “Madden NFL 21.” Those ratings were revealed Monday. Mahomes led the way at quarterback, receiving a perfect 99 rating. Jackson ranked third at quarterback, coming in with a 94 rating. Jackson wasn’t satisfied with that, saying, “I wish it was better.”

In order to do that, Jackson will have to follow his own advice. Winning a Super Bowl seems like a good way to boost your “Madden” rating.

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