Lamar Jackson practiced that bonkers spin move in slow motion during walk-through

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With just one game left to play in Week 10, it’s now almost certain that Lamar Jackson’s otherworldly spin move touchdown run for the Baltimore Ravens was the best TD — and possibly play — of the entire week. He glided. He dodged. He looked like the best running quarterback of all time.

Jackson’s awareness and agility on that play were aided by one thing, perhaps the most important thing: practice. He didn’t just pull out that spin on the spot because he thought it would be fun.

During Sunday’s news conference following the Ravens’ 49-13 drubbing of the Cincinnati Bengals, Jackson explained that he actually practiced it for the first time at Saturday’s walk-through, just in case he needed to use it.

“Actually I did it, but it was Saturday at the walk-through. I did it, and it actually happened in the game... They tell me I’m violating walk-through rules because I’m always jogging, but I’m really doing a walk-through.”

Jackson’s game involves so much running that he actually jogs during the walk-through. He even demonstrated the slow motion spin he practiced on Saturday. When you practice a heart-stopping move like that and then actually use it in the game, this is exactly how you should look.

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