Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen have the most combined rushing yards of any QB matchup ever

Michael David Smith

When the Ravens face the Bills on Sunday, quarterbacks Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen will set a record as soon as they take the field.

That record is the most combined rushing yards for any matchup of starting quarterbacks in NFL history. Jackson has 977 rushing yards this season, and Allen has 430. Their combined 1,407 rushing yards are the most ever for any two quarterbacks facing each other.

The previous record was set in the final week of the 1990 season, when Randall Cunningham and the Eagles faced Timm Rosenbach and the Cardinals. The two of them had totaled 1,333 rushing yards heading into that game.

Everyone knows that Jackson is a great runner, but Allen probably hasn’t received enough attention for his own rushing ability. Allen doesn’t break as many spectacular highlight-reel runs as Jackson does, but Allen is quite effective running the ball, particularly near the goal line. Allen actually has more rushing touchdowns than Jackson this year, and had more than Jackson last year as well.

Jackson and Allen were both first-round draft picks last year, and they may end up facing each other in the playoffs as well as on Sunday. And it would not be surprising to see them face each other in the playoffs for many years to come.

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