Lamar Jackson gets 38th win in 50 games

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Many will insist, sometimes loudly, that wins are not a quarterback stat. The NFL apparently disagrees.

In a weekly summary of significant statistical achievements distributed by the league on Sunday night, the NFL pointed out that Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has 38 wins in 50 regular-season starts.

That record ties him with Tom Brady and Danny White for the third-most wins in 50 games. Only Patrick Mahomes and Ken Stabler, who each went 40-10, have more.

Jackson’s latest win came in the first game of the last year of his rookie contract, on the same day that someone leaked some (but not enough) pertinent details about his negotiations. Jackson, when he realizes that the leaks apparently came from the union, likely will be upset. He has tried (and largely succeeded) in keeping all aspects of the talks private.

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