Will Lamar Jackson bounce back for fantasy managers?

Fantasy Football Live’s Andy Behrens and Matt Harmon identify the biggest bounce back candidates ahead of Week 2.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: All right, one week is in the books, and the second matchup of your fantasy season is upon us. We're gonna help you make good fantasy choices for Week 2. I'm Andy Behrens. I am joined by the great Matt Harmon, and we're gonna discuss a couple of bounce-back candidates, guys who may have underwhelmed a bit in opening week who can make some noise this weekend.

Harmon, talk to me about Lamar Jackson. That team got a-- Well, they got a win in the opener, but everybody was disappointed with Lamar's performance fantasy-wise. Quiet fantasy day, but there was kind of a lot to like as well.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, definitely a quiet fantasy day, and, you know, I've said this over the course of the last week. We live in, like, a microwave society. We want everything to be ready right away, right? You and I talked, Andy, all offseason about the Ravens' offense, and how it's gonna be so different, and this full-on evolution.

Well, structurally, it was very different. They played three receivers, multiple receivers on a ton of snaps, which they never did last year, of course, because they didn't have the personnel. So I think that we saw a lot of encouraging signs, even if the results weren't there. I think we see some more of those results in this game against the Bengals.

I think both of these offenses are looking to bounce back. It is a little concerning that Baltimore is, once again, super injury-ridden. But we've got Zay Flowers, who, I think, had a great debut. I think Odell Beckham had, like, quietly, a smashing debut, and a player I really like, like, as a wide receiver three flex play in this matchup, a guy that can still get downfield, can still make contested catches. He's blocking out there. He's, like, fully bought in to this offense.

So I think Lamar and this entire Ravens offense bounces back, not to mention that we get Mark Andrews back in this game. That's probably pretty critical. And I know people are concerned about Rashod Bateman's playing time, but the more he's out there, the more he's-- They're clearly easing him in. He's gonna be a bigger factor at different points in the year. That's only going to increase Lamar's efficiency.

I saw a lot of what I needed to see in Week 1, even if the fantasy point results weren't there, so I'm not panicking about Lamar, and I think he bounces back here.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, people panicking about Lamar in a week in which he went, like, 17 for 22 and didn't even have Mark Andrews, it floored me. I'm looking at two players who are actually in the same game this week, down in Tampa.

DJ Moore is where I want to start. He did nothing of note in the opener, because no Bears did. Caught his two targets, but the Bears basically never, ever looked downfield. It has been the primary topic of discussion basically all week in Chicago among players and coaches. I would expect a significant effort to funnel the ball to DJ Moore against the Bucs this week at every level of the field.

It can't possibly be as bad as it was in Week 1 for the Bears, and if it is, you may not hear from me next week. On the other side of that game, it also has to get better for Rachaad White. He was brutally inefficient in Week 1 in a pretty friendly matchup against Minnesota. Chicago's defense just got destroyed in the trenches in the opener.

So I expect plenty of rushing lanes for White in this one. If he has another quiet week, it might be Sean Tucker time. It might be free agent time. I don't know, but it might not be Rachaad White time for very much longer if he has a quiet one against the Bears.

All right, those are some of our favorite bounce-back candidates for Week 2. If you are 0-1 right now, here's hoping you bounce back as well.