Lamar Jackson

Cameron Jordan, Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram II
·1 min read

The MVP, aka L Freaky, aka Lamar Jackson joins the fellas for this week’s episode of Truss Levelz. The man who invented “Truss” gives us its origin story, how it became the Ravens’ mantra and also one of his favorite tattoos. LJ takes us back to his years dominating in Florida’s elite Pop Warner league and what he was like as a free safety. The guys get into his college decision and why Louisville won out over the Florida schools. From the start of college on … it’s been nothing but success for LJ. He put his name on the map freshman year, but sophomore year he rocketed to the moon, becoming the youngest Heisman winner ever, putting up a combined 4,298 yards rushing and passing, with 51 touchdowns. He finished off college with a killer junior year and then bounced for the 2018 NFL draft. He reveals to the guys how he felt on draft night as he dropped further and further – and why he low-key wished he hadn’t worn his Gucci suit that day. Then it’s all about the league. He talks about waiting to play his first year, putting everyone on skates during his MVP year, breaking records, and why he ain’t even close to where he wants to be. The best is yet to come when it comes to Lamar Jackson, ladies and gentleman. Enough said — tune in.