Lakers have started players-only minicamp ahead of training camp

Every year since becoming a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James has organized a players-only minicamp just before the start of the team’s official training camp.

It has been a way for James to show leadership and help new players get acclimated and feel welcome as everyone prepares for a new season.

As was the case last year, the Lakers have many new players on their roster, so building chemistry and cohesion will be a big key to their success.

To that end, the team has started its James-led minicamp in San Diego.

There was one exception: Dennis Schroder, whom the team signed just days ago and is still helping himself and his family return to Southern California.

Schroder, of course, played for L.A. during the 2020-21 campaign. Although he didn’t leave the team on the best terms last summer, James made it clear he is pleased to have the German native back as a teammate.


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Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire