Lakers, Pacers advance in NBA In-Season Tournament + Thanksgiving fun | No Cap Room

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Jake Fischer and Dan Devine give an update on the NBA In-Season Tournament before talking about the NBA things they’re most thankful for this holiday season and discussing players/teams/GMs as parts of a Thanksgiving feast.

On this very silly episode of No Cap Room, Jake Fischer and Dan Devine talk about their holiday plans before recapping a fun night in the NBA In-Season Tournament last night. The guys recap who is in, who is out, and why the group names should be changed going forward.

In the spirit of the season, the guys (along with Super Producer John Gennaro) talk about the things in the NBA that they’re most thankful for this season. Also, for some reason, Jake comes to the defense of Washington Wizards guard Jordan Poole.

Finally, the table is set and it’s time for a feast! The guys talk about which players, teams or front office members best fit into the categories of a Thanksgiving dinner. Tune in to find out why LeBron is the turkey, why the Pacers are the gravy, why Zion is the stuffing, why Jake loves a Thanksgiving sandwich, and why Luka & Embiid are the mac & cheese of the NBA.

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