Do Lakers have other trade options that haven’t been reported?

So far this summer, the Los Angeles Lakers have targeted Kyrie Irving, Buddy Hield and Myles Turner.

But nothing has even come close to materializing in terms of a trade.

Part of the reason could be that Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell, the two biggest trade targets in the league right now, haven’t been moved yet.

It is generally believed that if the Lakers have any shot at landing Irving, they will not do so until after Durant is traded.

People within the Lakers organization reportedly assert they have other trade options that would improve the team.

Via Lakers Daily:

“According to the Los Angeles Times’ Dan Woike, Lakers sources insist that they have more options than just what has been reported, which is mainly deals for Kyrie Irving or Buddy Hield and Myles Turner.

“‘If and when Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell get traded, the space to make a (Russell) Westbrook trade probably opens a little wider with the costs getting cleared,’ Woike wrote. ‘Lakers sources insist they have options beyond the ones that have been reported (Irving, Buddy Hield, Myles Turner and others). Time should better reveal those once the bigger moves get made.'”

Whether this insistence from Lakers sources is true or simply posturing remains to be seen at this point.


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