Lakers news: Dennis Schröder says he doesn’t want to take away anything from LeBron

Erik García Gundersen
·1 min read

Dennis Schröder raised some eyebrows upon his arrival in Los Angeles when he didn’t hesitate to express his desire of being a starter after playing and excelling in a bench role for the Oklahoma City Thunder. As I wrote after the statement that he wanted to start, this is both nothing wrong nor nothing new for Schröder. And at least on Wednesday, Lakers coach Frank Vogel was curious about how the Lakers’ new point guard would look next to LeBron James in the starting lineup. It wasn’t perfect but after the game, Schröder wanted to make it clear that this is LeBron’s team and he’s going to fit in, according to Ryan Ward of Lakers Nation.

Schröder is definitely a much more talented and available point guard than they were used to having last season. Schröder has done well by fitting next to other great players like Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Chris Paul, over the past few years. It’s more than reasonable for him to expect a chance at doing that full time, but we will see ultimately where Vogel lands by next Tuesday’s opener.


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