Lakers look to San Antonio Spurs for Kyrie Irving multi-team trade

With reports circulating that the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets have discussed trade possibilities for Kyrie Irving, the teams are reportedly interested in using the Spurs in a multi-team trade.

Sources tell Bleacher Report journalist Eric Pincus that the teams are interested pulling San Antonio into a multi-team trade. The Nets do not seem interested in Russell Westbrook’s contract, as the former league MVP is set to earn $47 million dollars next season.

With a lack of interest in Westbrook’s expiring contract, the Spurs will undoubtedly have to ship Brooklyn some top tier young talent. Keldon Johnson would be a welcome surprise to add to the roster if we could squeeze the young talent out of both organizations: the Spurs and the Lakers.

Brooklyn’s main priority right now is working on a trade to get rid of former MVP Kevin Durant. According to some analysts, the bidding war for Durant has come to a standstill and has gained no traction.


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Story originally appeared on Nets Wire