Lakers hope Russell Westbrook improves 3-point accuracy from corners

One of the biggest reasons most consider last summer’s Russell Westbrook trade to be a failure for the Los Angeles Lakers is his inability to consistently hit from 3-point range.

It is a malady that has afflicted him his entire career, and he hasn’t been able to find a remedy.

Over his 14-year NBA career, Westbrook has made just 30.5 percent of his attempts from beyond the arc. Considering the volume of such attempts (he has averaged 3.7 such attempts for his career), some consider him the worst outside shooter in the game.

But oddly enough, lately, he had been an adequate 3-point shooter from the corners. He actually set a career mark in that department this past season by shooting 43.8 percent from there.

Whether it’s delusional or not, the Lakers are reportedly hoping that Westbrook will continue to improve his accuracy from the corners.

Via Yahoo Sports:

“The team is also hopeful for a corner-3 shooting percentage bump from Russell Westbrook next season, sources said,” wrote Chris Haynes.

Even if the Lakers get their wish, it would take a lot more from Westbrook for him to fit in adequately around LeBron James, Anthony Davis and company.

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New head coach Darvin Ham wants Westbrook to not just do damage in transition, but also focus more on defense and being productive when he doesn’t have the ball on offense.

Ham said that part of his plan on how to use Westbrook involves him getting to the corners and hitting 3-pointers from those spots.


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