Lakers fan paints massive mural of Anthony Davis in Los Angeles less than 24 hours after trade

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It’s been less than 24 hours since the Woj Bomb of the Year was dropped, and fans in L.A. are over the moon after the Los Angeles Lakers agreed to a trade to land Anthony Davis.

The trade may not be official for more than a month, but that’s no reason to quell the excitement over a second star to pair with LeBron James.

One fan, local artist Gustavo Zermeño Jr., was so excited that he stayed up all night painting a massive mural of Davis in a Lakers jersey on the side of a what appears to be a two-story building on Melrose Avenue.

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In the background on the left, there also are 13 jerseys hanging, which could potentially be the 11 numbers that are already retired plus one for James and one for Davis. The star big man doesn’t have a uniform number in the mural because, of course, James wears the No. 23 Davis has worn since his college days at Kentucky.

Hopefully Davis’ mural gets better treatment than LeBron’s

That a local artist painted a mural of Davis shortly after news of his acquisition should not come as a shock. James agreed to sign with the Lakers last summer on a Sunday, and a giant mural went up the following Thursday.

Unfortunately, that mural was defaced several times, in part because the original mural said “The King of LA.” The mural only lasted a few days before the artist found it too big of a hassle to keep having to touch up. The good news, though, is one of the vandals was actually caught on security footage from a nearby restaurant.

Zermeño even made his own mural on Melrose Avenue with James looking up to the Lakers’ stars of the past two weeks later, but that was defaced too. This Davis mural seems more likely to stand the test of time, though, since Davis wasn’t seen as a mortal enemy to Kobe Bryant, and fans seem to have come around on James.

LeBron James (left) and Anthony Davis (right) are set to team up on the Lakers. (AP Photo/Tyler Kaufman)
LeBron James (left) and Anthony Davis (right) are set to team up on the Lakers. (AP Photo/Tyler Kaufman)

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