Lakers fan hits halfcourt shot to win $100,000

Yahoo Sports
(NBA screen shot)
(NBA screen shot)

One deadly accurate Los Angeles Lakers fan had himself a nice little Sunday, winning $100,000 when he hit a half-court shot during a timeout in Sunday’s game with the New York Knicks.

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People on Twitter immediately started saying the Lakers should respond by offering the fan a 10-day contract. What’s funny is that Nigel Hayes, recently signed to an actual 10-day contract with the team, won’t even make $100K for that stretch with the team.

The fan identified himself to a reporter as Suni Strong, a 27-year-old who works for both SpaceX … and as a bounty hunter. We’re guessing at least one of those jobs is a joke, but it’s hard to hold it against Strong.

You’d be giddy too if you sunk that long of a shot to win that much money.

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