Report: Lakers trying to add even more players to Anthony Davis trade for cap space

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For a franchise-altering megatrade, the Los Angeles Lakers’ deal to acquire Anthony Davis sure has quite a few loose ends.

As the trade currently stands —Davis for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and a boatload of draft picks — the Lakers would have less than $24 million in cap space if it goes through as planned on July 6 and Anthony Davis declines to waive his $4 million trade bonus.

That would leave the Lakers with nowhere close to enough cap space to sign their desired third star when free agency begins on the same day, be it Kemba Walker, Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving or someone else.

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The Lakers are trying to remedy that by expanding the Davis trade by offering even more players to other teams in hopes of clearing cap space, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The three players mentioned are forward Mo Wagner ($2.1 million cap figure, per Spotrac), Jermerrio Jones ($1.4 million) and Isaac Bonga ($1.4 million).

Considering the Lakers’ cap sheet for next year currently consists of only James, Davis, Wagner, Jones, Bonga and Kyle Kuzma, this would represent a near complete clearing out of the Lakers’ depth.

The order in which the trade and free agent signings take place could end up being the deciding factor for the Lakers’ efforts.

Also reportedly in the cards for the Lakers is the aggressive pursuit of second-round picks in this year’s draft, which represent easy ways to fill out roster spots. The Lakers currently have zero picks in this year’s draft.

As fun as it would be, this isn’t setting up for the Lakers to field a team consisting of only James, Davis, Free Agent X and Kyle Kuzma on opening night. The logjam comes due to the timing of the trade and NBA salary cap rules.

We’ll see what depth comes out of the woodwork in what has become the NBA’s busiest offseason.

The Lakers' roster for next season is beginning to look quite empty. (John McCoy/Getty Images)
The Lakers' roster for next season is beginning to look quite empty. (John McCoy/Getty Images)

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