Lakers' Anthony Davis has one goal for this season: Play 82 games

The Los Angeles Lakers power forward spoke during the team's training camp about the injuries that have plagued his last two seasons and why he's hoping to be fully healthy for the upcoming campaign.

Video Transcript

ANTHONY DAVIS: For me, I wanted to be on the floor. I want to be able to play all 82. If I'm not, I don't want it to be injury-based while I can't play. So that's my goal. I know the more I'm on the floor, the more I can help my team, higher chance we have of winning when I'm playing.

So I want to go out there and be able to compete every single night. You know, when you're-- the last two seasons where you're injured, it's hard to just get in a rhythm. You know you come in for a couple of weeks, three weeks, then you're out again for six. So it's like-- you know, it's hard to establish a rhythm for me, personally

But I think that's probably the only thing. I always felt like myself, always confident, always ready to go and play. So I think when you're in and out of the lineup consistently, it's just, it's tough to catch that rhythm. And you can get better in practice, but game rhythm is totally different. And when you're not playing in the game, it's tough to catch that rhythm to help the team.