The Laker Bros are now officially Meme of the Year winners, so we did it, Internet (Video)

Great to see you again, guys. Congratulations on being named Meme of the Year by L.A. Weekly, who described the decision to honor you thusly: "Now, you could argue that the moment lasted a few seconds, tops, and that neither of these guys should be famous, much less given an L.A. Weekly Web Award. But it's 2013." Seems like a chill enough reason for additional months-after-the-fact recognition.

Now that you are Award-Winning Bros, though, you can't merely rest on your laurels. You've got to continue to build on your bro-branding, which is why I was really glad to hear you suggest that we visit your new website.

Hey, no rush. The season's still like two months away. NBD. Plenty of time to Tumbl something up whilst incubating some fresh and tasty memes. Maybe you guys could try out for #PauBand? Sure, you might not get picked, but FIDLAR, right? Just an idea. Whatevs.

Hat-tips to Jeff Weiss of Passion of the Weiss and Trey Kerby at TBJ.

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