Lady Packers varsity basketball continue their winning streak

Jan. 15—MOULTRIE — From beyond the half point line, Amira Walters-Smith made a last minute shot attempt, not with a Hail Mary but with a calculated throw, and as the buzzer sounded the end of quarter one, the ball effortlessly swished through the hoop.

This would be Walters-Smith first of many 3-point baskets during the varsity Lady Packers match against Westover on Saturday.

Walters-Smith had a total of six shots beyond the 3-point line throughout the match, and was the highest scoring Lady Packer with 24 points.

The Lady Packers won 68-30, now making them 14-1 in their non-region season.

Playing directly after the Lady Packers, were the Packers, who lost their match against Westover 64-47.

Other than Walters-Smith, seven other varsity Lady Packers scored points during the match: D'Zeriyah Polite, Amareyia Knighton, Caylnn Singletary, Nyleigha Knighton, Jamya Moore and Nacardia Robinson.

Amareyia Knighton, with 16 points, was the highest scoring Lady Packer after Walters-Smith.

Knighton also scored one 3-point shot during the game, along with Singletary and Moore.

One particularly great offensively play from the Lady Packers happened during the third quarter.

Polite stole the ball from Westmore, passing the ball to Walters-Smith who ran it down the court, but, at the last second, she faked out the defender and instead of shooting the ball, she passed it to Nyleigha Knighton, who was able to shoot an easy lay-up.

Other Lady Packers who had successful steals during the match were: Moore, Amareyia Knighton, Robinson and Singletary.

"We continue to work as a team," said Williams. "I'm proud of all of them. We shot the ball well, and didn't leave as many loose balls on the floor."

After this most recent loss, the Packers are now 3-10 in non-region play.

"We are getting better," said Andy Harden, head coach. "We just have to keep working and putting in the effort."

Throughout the match, the Packers defensively were able to run the clock shot timer down to zero against Westover three times.

Jae Lamar, Cason Harden, Markese Wilson and Zay Williams each one one successful steal as well.

Offensively, the Packers also had some great plays.

Reaching down to grab a fumbled ball after a pass bounced off a player's foot, in one fluid motion, Harden quickly determined his shot approach while straightening, squaring up and shooting.

All this was done with two defenders attempting to block the shot, but Harden was able to get the ball through the hoop for one of his 3-point baskets during the game.

In one of Harden's other shots outside the 3-point line, as the shot timer was seconds away from expiring, he swiveled around the defense and got his shot in the air just a millisecond before the timer sounded.

The Packers and Lady Packers will next face Lowndes in an away game Monday night, beginning at 6 p.m. This will be their second region game of the season.