Lady Packer soccer faces another loss

Feb. 28—MOULTRIE — During their rival scrimmage match against Tift County, the Lady Packers were unable to come away with a win.

The final score was 5-0.

"Whenever you play Tift you have to be ready. It's a different type of atmosphere, especially when playing on their field," said Bautista. "You aren't just playing the 11 girls on the field. You are also playing their fanbase."

The Lady Packers are now 1-6-1 in their overall season.

Defensively, the Lady Packers stopped several Tift advancements.

Ellis Turnipseed and Jaida Gachuz shut down several potential break aways with hip checks.

Five Lady Packer athletes cleared the ball upfield with long passes: Eidi Gachuz, Ellis Turnipseed, Jaida Gachuz, Greer Turnipseed and Tatum Salter.

Salter, along with Eidi Gachuz and Greer Turnipseed, all utilized their heads to help move the ball out of Lady Packer territory.

The game paused 2-0 at halftime.

"It's a growing pain, learning to play in this type of atmosphere," said Bautista. "We are a young team, and you don't know what it feels like until you experience it yourself."

Offensively, Jennifer Cano did a great job working around the defenders, and in one particular play she hugged the line to bypass the Blue Devil and then drove the ball to the forward in front of her.

10 shots were taken on the Tift goal by the Lady Packers.

Several of the shot attempts were well placed and had good potential of going in; however, the Blue Devils goalie was a little quicker on her feet.

Anna-Lee Vaughan, Jaida Gachuz, Greer Turnipseed and Vanessa Torres all assisted in turnovers to keep the ball a Lady Packer possession.

"We hope to return the favor when Tift comes to visit us," said Bautista. "We want to see that fan base come out to support us and make themselves known."

The Lady Packers next play at Packer Park on Friday when they face Camden County in their next region game. Play begins at 5:30 p.m.