Labrador's Dramatic Reaction to Kitten Trying to Play Has TikTok Cracking Up

We could watch this all day!

We tend to think cats are more afraid of dogs because of the size difference. Dogs are typically much bigger. But honestly, the sass cats can bring is frightening enough. That's why we totally feel for this Labrador

TikTok user @angelicasuarez245 captured a hilarious moment between her Lab and kitten. The dog was laying on the floor, minding his business when the kitten came over to play. And the dramatic reaction from the dog is beyond hilarious! 

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LMAO! We love this duo! And we can't stop cracking up at the tiny kitty standing up on her back legs, thinking she was sooo scary but in reality, she was as adorable as they come! At least she thought she put up a terrifying fight by the dog's reaction. The slamming down of the paws and head shakes had us LOLing. 

"The most dramatic no-contact fight I've ever seen! 😻😻😻😻😻," commented @TheTajMeow. Oh 100%! This is a fight we could watch all. day. long. @Bumi Bei Fond said, "'Oh so scary' - the dog probably." He was definitely thinking that with a whole side of sarcasm. 

We don't think the dog was actually scared, but rather, he was playing along to make the kitten feel like she had the upper paw. LOL! @scratch766 commented, "Love a dog with a sense of humor! And the kitten getting all confident from the dog's kind reactions." Aww! The dog was definitely letting the kitten win. @knoxknox123456 added, "What a sweet puppy dog!! So gentle with his little kitty friend ❤️." Right?! And even if he wasn't playing along, he was sweet enough to know not to hurt the kitten. Adorable! 


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