La Previa 32: Super Bowl Deals and the Taylor Swift Effect

On the latest episode of La Previa, hosts Asli Pelit and Boris Gartner discuss some of the week’s most important sports business news, including Super Bowl LVIII and Taylor Swift’s impact on the NFL’s biggest day.

First, the hosts discuss the lead-up to the Super Bowl, when many sports business executives head to the host city early to meet with each other for what has become a key deal-making week. “The volume of business being done around the Super Bowl is much greater than what is done around a World Cup final or the Champions League final,” Gartner said. “It’s where the deals are closed.”

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Next, the hosts discuss Taylor Swift’s impact on the NFL season through her relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. There is a lot of noise around whether the 34-year-old singer’s public appearances supporting her boyfriend significantly brought new audiences to the NFL, especially women.

While it is difficult to measure and quantify her impact on the NFL, there will be some identifiable demographic impact for the Super Bowl, as Swifties will move the needle on Sunday. “I don’t know if they are creating lifelong fans, probably, but without a doubt, an audience that didn’t necessarily have interest in the NFL before this follow the game because of her,” Gartner said.

The league has been ramping up efforts to bring more female fans to the game for some time and expanding its audiences overseas as well. In 2023, five NFL regular-season games were played outside the United States: three in England and two in Germany. Tickets for the Chiefs-Miami Dolphins game in Eintracht Frankfurt’s Deutsche Bank Park stadium in November were sold out within 15 minutes. Next year, a regular season game will be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil, for the first time; two games will be played in London and one in Munich, Germany.

Lastly, the hosts discuss one of the real winners of the Super Bowl: Kristin Juszczyk, wife of 49ers’ fullback Kyle Juszczyk, whose custom-made puffer jackets made a big splash on social media after Swift wore one to the Chief’s playoff game against the Dolphins earlier this month. Last week, after the championship game, the designer was granted a license to make official NFL merchandise. The combination of Swift, who has 279 million Instagram followers, and the Super Bowl gives the designer a one-of-a-kind sports marketing opportunity.

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