LA Clippers emerge as potential Kyrie Irving trade destination

The NBA landscape is potentially about to flip as the suitors begin to emerge for a Kyrie Irving trade. The Brooklyn Nets now have to decide which offer fits the best for the future of the franchise.

The Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, and Phoenix Suns are already in the race. Now, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Los Angeles Clippers are joining that race as well.

All of these teams make a lot of sense. They are all looking to add a strong point guard to get them over the top in the Western Conference and compete with favorites Golden State. Irving would elevate each one of the teams listed.

The number of suitors and the Nets now needing a swift resolution to this issue might really intensify the race to get Irving. Either way, it is imperative for the Nets to get some young talent that they could potentially build around. The Clippers seem like the least well-off in draft stock and young assets to flip.

The Lakers at this point still seem to be the favorites with the Mavericks and the Suns still vying for his services. Anything is possible though in this climate and a suitor could appear out of nowhere and surprise everyone.


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Story originally appeared on Nets Wire