Kyrie Irving talks intellect, flat-Earth and the 'best move' for his career

Love him or loathe him, it’s difficult to deny that Kyrie Irving is compelling.

From leaving LeBron James to promoting irresponsible flat-Earth theories, the Boston Celtics point guard is rarely boring and often a good subject for media attention.

He got the full treatment from Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck on Wednesday in a mostly glowing profile looking ahead to the promise of the young Celtics while looking back at some of his more controversial decisions.

Kyrie Irving happy with his decisions

With James now out West and the Celtics the apparent heir to the Eastern Conference throne he left behind, Irving’s decision to force a trade from Cleveland passes the hindsight test. Of course, there’s no telling what would have become of a Cavaliers team that Irving didn’t bolt, but he finds himself in a good position now.

He told Beck the decision was the best move for him.

Irving: Move from Cavs not ‘about any particular person’

“Like, keep it real If I was still in Cleveland, I would be … like everything that was foreseen to happen, happened,” Irving said. “I think it was the best move for my career, honestly, because it wasn’t about any particular person or anything like that.

“It was just time. It was just time. It may not have looked ‘time’ for everyone else, but for me, it was time.”

Again. Hindsight is a convenient tool when things work out.

Or maybe Irving actually is prescient. Maybe he knew that Gordon Hayward would join the Celtics in free agency. Maybe he had foresight that the Celtics would trade away the No. 1 pick in the 2017 draft only to scoop up the draft’s best player in Jayson Tatum after trading down.

Or maybe he just didn’t like James or playing second fiddle to him on a title contender.

Hindsight has proven Kyrie Irving correct with his career moves, but what about that flat-Earth nonsense? (AP)
Hindsight has proven Kyrie Irving correct with his career moves, but what about that flat-Earth nonsense? (AP)

About that flat-Earth theory

Irving apologized for repeatedly spreading the nonsense flat-Earth theory at a Forbes summit last week, not realizing that he, as a public figure, would have actually impacted the thoughts of younger fans who looked up to him. His foresight apparently escaped him on that front.

“I’m actually a smart-ass individual,” Irving said at the summit. “It’s not like I was just going around saying that. At the time, I just didn’t realize the effect. I was definitely at that time like ‘I’m a big conspiracy theorist! You can’t tell me anything!’

Irving on flat-Earth: ‘Intellect gets me in trouble’

He addressed the situation further with Beck, echoing his regret.

“It was, like, man, you know how many people you’re affecting right now? Like, saying stuff like this? Like, even if you do believe it, you understand this is a big thing on Earth,’ saying stuff like that? Like, you gotta learn from this. And you gotta be more choosy with your words.”

Aside from the “even if you do believe it” part, that all sounds well and good. But he couldn’t help but slip in a caveat on how he stumbled upon the easily debunked theory because of his powerful intellect.

“My intellect gets me in trouble sometimes, which I’m aware of,” Irving said.

Whether through foresight, dumb luck or a combination of the two, there’s no denying that Irving has landed in a good spot. And it sounds like he’s tapped that intellect of his to realize a good thing when he sees it this time around.

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