Kyrie Irving purchases courtside seats for Nets vs. Knicks, expected to attend game

Malika Andrews: As reported on ABC: Kyrie Irving is expected to be in Barclays Center today but he will not be on the bench with the team. He will be sitting in his purchased, courtside seats.
Source: Twitter @malika_andrews

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Brian Mahoney @briancmahoney
Kyrie Irving making his way to his seats late second quarter. A “Free Kyrie!” chant breaks out as he walks by. – 1:59 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Kyrie Irving is in the building. – 1:58 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Do a Who’s in the House for Kyrie Irving @barclayscenter1:50 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Do a ‘Who’s In The House’ for Kyrie @barclayscenter1:47 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
End of the first quarter: Nets lead the Knicks 35-30. Kevin Durant has 16 points. Brooklyn has eight assists on 13 field goals. Good ball movement so far. No sign of Kyrie Irving yet. – 1:39 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Wonder if Kyrie is checking out the Crown Club before he makes his way to his seats. – 1:30 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Someone tell Kyrie to wear his jersey and shorts to the game today. – 1:30 PM

John Hollinger @johnhollinger
“MVP” chants in the building, so maybe Kyrie brought Jokic with him. – 1:14 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Hypothetical: If Kyrie Irving were to walk across the court from is courtside seats and join in the huddle, what happens? Can he do that and just walk back to his seats? Does security have to stop him when the Nets wouldn’t have a problem with it? – 1:11 PM

Malika Andrews @malika_andrews
As reported on ABC: Kyrie Irving is expected to be in Barclays Center today but he will not be on the bench with the team. He will be sitting in his purchased, courtside seats. – 1:07 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Greetings from Barclays. Nets-Knicks tip shortly. Currently trying to find Kyrie as if he’s Waldo. This will mark his first Nets game of the season…as a fan. On the court, BK is going for its third straight win. With Magic & Blazers this week, the runway is there for some wins. – 12:59 PM

Bobby Marks @BobbyMarks42
The Kyrie Irving situation is certainly the center of attention.
Here’s one ? I don’t understand
Why is Irving allowed to attend work (and practice) at the Nets practice facility that is located in Brooklyn but not play home games that are also located in Brooklyn? – 12:58 PM

Anthony Puccio @APOOCH
Nets neeeeeed to show Kyrie on the Jumbotron today – 12:58 PM

Barbara Barker @meanbarb
Kyrie is going to be somewhere in Barclay’s today, even though he can’t play. Taking bets on where he will sit. Courtside? Behind the basket? Luxury suite? Press box? OK, it won’t be the press box. – 12:56 PM

Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Kyrie Irving will sit courtside, maskless, to watch Nets game Sunday he can’t play in…12:47 PM

The Vertical @YahooSportsNBA
Kyrie Irving is expected to attend today’s Nets game at the Barclay Center as a spectator, per @Shams Charania. PM

John Schuhmann @johnschuhmann
I’m neither a virus expert nor familiar w/ the mayor’s/city’s thinking, but I imagine the logic behind the Kyrie can’t play/can watch thing starts w/ this: You’re more likely to get compliance by threatening a person’s job than threatening their ability to go out. – 12:28 PM

Micah Adams @MicahAdams13
Don’t let a senseless NYC rule distract you from the fact that Kyrie Irving willingly chose and continues to choose this path.
It’s a dumb rule.
But Kyrie isn’t a victim or martyr here either. – 12:21 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
“His conditioning has improved.”
⁃Steve Nash on Kyrie Irving. – 11:25 AM

Brian Mahoney @briancmahoney
Steve Nash says he hasn’t seen Kyrie Irving yet but expects him at Barclays Center today. Can watch game against Knicks but can’t play in it. – 11:24 AM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
Steve Nash admits Kyrie Irving is irreplaceable. – 11:23 AM

Ian Begley @IanBegley
Steve Nash says he expects Kyrie Irving to be at Barclays Center in the stands today for Knicks-Nets. Due to his vaccination status and NYC’s vaccine mandates, Irving can’t play on the court today but he can watch the game as a spectator. – 11:22 AM

Nick Friedell @NickFriedell
Nash says he believes Kyrie will be here today at Barclays to watch the game. – 11:21 AM

Shams Charania @ShamsCharania
Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving is expected to sit courtside to support teammates at Nets-Knicks on Sunday afternoon at Barclays Center.
Irving is able to attend the game as a spectator, move freely, maskless … but cannot play due to private sector mandate. – 11:21 AM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
Steve Nash believes Kyrie Irving is coming to Barclays (for what would be his first appearance as a spectator) isn’t sure if he’s here yet. Doesn’t want to wade into the situation with an opinion. – 11:21 AM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Steve Nash said he hasn’t seen Kyrie Irving today, but expects him to be in the building as the new rules allow him into Barclays Center, but not on the court. – 11:21 AM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
“I’m just going to stay out of it.”
⁃Steve Nash on Kyrie Irving not being allowed to play at Barclays Center. – 11:20 AM

Krishna Narsu @knarsu3
Toronto passing Cleveland would be big for the Nets since they wouldn’t have to travel to Toronto for the play-in and not have Kyrie in that game. Instead would face Cleveland with Kyrie. – 11:39 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
Just like us all, Andre Drummond still doesn’t understand why Kyrie Irving can’t play home games.
Andre Drummond: “MAKE IT MAKE SENSE…”
Via Instagram PM

Michael Lee @MrMichaelLee
It wouldn’t be too complicated if Kyrie Irving had just gotten the vaccine but you really can’t make sense of a policy that allows him to sit in the stands to watch a college basketball game but prohibits him from playing a NBA game in the same building. PM

Frank Isola @TheFrankIsola
Kyrie is sitting inside Barclays for the Duke game but can’t play there tomorrow against the Knicks. Makes perfect sense. – 8:46 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Under the current vaccine mandate, Kyrie Irving is only eligible for 4 of the Nets’ last 15 games. They won 2 out of 3 with him. It’s time to find out what they are without him. For ⁦…8:03 PM

Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
Why are the @Brooklyn Nets so dangerous in the post-season?
@adaniels33 tells @Rick Kamla it’s because of performances like Kyrie Irving this past Tuesday night
#NetsWorld PM

Anthony Puccio @APOOCH
No surprise, but Kyrie Irving is out against the Knicks tomorrow. He’ll be allowed to sit on the bench and watch, though. – 3:04 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
No LaMarcus Aldridge (hip), Ben Simmons (back) or Kyrie Irving (ineligible) tomorrow against the Knicks. – 3:02 PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
Per Nets PR:
Status Report for Knicks game:
Aldridge (right hip impingement) – OUT
Duke Jr. (left ankle sprain) – OUT
Harris (left ankle surgery) – OUT
Simmons (return to competition reconditioning/back soreness) – OUT
Irving – OUT – 3:01 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Nets status report against the Knicks tomorrow: Aldridge (right hip impingement) – OUT
Duke Jr. (left ankle sprain) – OUT
Harris (left ankle surgery) – OUT
Simmons (return to competition reconditioning/back soreness) – OUT
Irving – OUT – 3:01 PM

Justin Kubatko @jkubatko
📅 On this day in 2015, the @Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving scored a career-high and franchise-record 57 points in a win over the Spurs.
Irving shot 7-7 on 3P and 10-10 on FT. He and Steve Smith are the only players in NBA history to make at least five 3P and 10 FT in a game without a miss. PM

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Kyrie Irving’s out-of-town residency status does not exempt him from any New York City vaccine mandates, the Daily News has learned. An Adams administration official told The News that Irving, the Nets’ unvaccinated superstar guard, will still be covered by the city’s private employer vaccine mandate even when the Key2NYC requirement for indoor spaces is set to be lifted on March 7. He will not be able to play in games at Barclays Center or Madison Square Garden — unless he manages to get a religious or health exemption from the private employer mandate. -via New York Daily News / March 3, 2022

Nick Friedell: Nash says nobody in the organization has had any communication with Kyrie about getting the vaccination. He’s made his stance clear and the Nets aren’t pushing him on it. -via Twitter @NickFriedell / February 28, 2022