Kyrie Irving introduces us to Uncle Drew’s new teammates, ‘Lights’ and ‘Betty Lou’ (Video)

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This might make me sound like an advertising-susceptible nincompoop, but I was actually pretty excited to find out who the third member of Uncle Drew's team was after the second commercial in the ongoing Pepsi Max saga introduced us to Wes and the very fun vision of the Kyrie Irving-Kevin Love pick-and-roll. That was nearly one year ago, though, which (checks conversion tool) is roughly 93 million light years in Internet time, so I wasn't exactly waiting with bated breath for the third installment, despite recent social-media messaging suggesting we should all get super-amped. Well, here it is — the latest 6 1/2-minute soda spot written and directed by the Cleveland Cavaliers' burgeoning auteur:

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Credit where it's due — I did not recognize the two participants in the clip for, like, a long time, and some fun basketball things do happen, and the Betty Lou twist was a very neat touch. Plus, I guess I want a soda a little more now than I did seven minutes ago, so that's probably a win. (Unfortunately for the ad wizards, though, all I've got in the house is Diet Coke. Bummer.)

So, yes: Uncle Drew now has a new teammate, and he is a jazzbo. Unless Betty Lou comes on the road, and Drew has two new teammates. Actually, wait, come to think of it, Wes didn't come on the trip to see his old teammate Lights, did he? So I guess Lights and Betty Lou wouldn't be heading to the next spot to scoop Teammate No. 4, either, which kind of makes me think we're not going to see the full Eastern starting five in plastic paunches and sweats any time soon. I guess we'll just have to wait another year to find out — by then, it could be Andrew Wiggins. (I hope Pepsi's got enough makeup for that.)

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