Kyrie Irving has already gotten himself in a weird Twitter beef

Duke product Kyrie Irving, the first overall selection of the Cleveland Cavaliers in last month's NBA draft, has filed a harassment claim and hopes to acquire a restraining order against a woman whom he allegedly met on Twitter. Also, knock us over with a feather if this doesn't happen 25 more times in the 12 months with several other players.

WOIO, out of Ohio, has the details (via The Basketball Jones):

The woman is identified as Jessica Jackson also known as Miss Hawaii.

According to the West Orange Police report, Irving says he met Jackson once in person in front of the Ritz Carlton in Charleston, North Carolina for two minutes. The two had a short conversation and then went their separate ways.

Irving says Jackson then posted some videos on YouTube blasting him and allegedly threatened to stab him via his Twitter account.

We should point out that Miss Jackson is "also known as Miss Hawaii," much in the same way I'm known as "Sweats Singleton" when I have to help move my brother into a new apartment, or "Brian May" when it's humid out and my hair gets all frizzy. I'm not really Sweats Singleton, or Brian May. She's not really Miss Hawaii.

She's just an online acquaintance who claims to have video of Irving doing unsavory things (for work, at least) to himself that she procured off of Twitter. Also, she has this video posted on YouTube (which is very, very not safe for work), for which I ignored Trey Kerby's warnings and watched the first 15 seconds of (literally) before going back on all the nice things I said about America on Monday and turning it off.

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie has yet to comment.

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