Kyrie enrolls at Harvard Business School

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From the basketball court to the operating table to a movie press tour... and now to Harvard. 

Kyrie Irving's busy 2018 is continuing at Harvard Business School, where the Celtics point guard has enrolled in a program called "Crossover Into Business," which according to the HBS website is designed "to help professional athletes be better prepared for business activities during and after their active sports careers."

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In addition to Irving, other athletes in the program include former Patriot tight end Martellus Bennett, Pistons center Zaza Pachulia, and Nuggets forward Paul Millsap. The students will be paired with Harvard Business School MBA student mentors, who will "help the athletes develop their business acumen and empower them to make better business decisions."

Celtics fans are hoping that Irving will be ready to take the competition to school when the C's open their season October 16 against the 76ers.

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