Kyon Barrs is willing to do the no-glory gruntwork for USC

Kyon Barrs’ value to USC probably won’t emerge in the form of splash plays or highlight-reel hits. Barrs will be busy absorbing bodies, soaking up opposing offensive linemen so that teammates can make big hits and important tackles.

USC football analyst Josh Webb had this to say about Barrs:

“Most of what Barrs provides isn’t sexy, but’s it’s the anchor and heart of some defenses,” Webb began. “If you’re going to put a player like Bear Alexander on your line, Barrs is the complement you need. Alexander is young and loaded with talent, but how much Kirby Smart was able to imprint upon him at Georgia is relatively unknown. As much as USC fans don’t want to hear it, Alexander is as much of a potential point of failure as he is the key to solving USC’s problems. 

“Alex Grinch bringing in Barrs, who has four years of Pac-12 experience as an anchor to a defensive line stocked with original SEC recruits, is a shrewd and intelligent maneuver. Barrs knows what coaches want of him. He knows how to remain consistent. If he should turn out to be the type of player who gets the best out of his linemates, we’ll definitely be coming back to this transfer as one of the reasons USC was able to succeed this year. 

“Sometimes you don’t need sexy. Sometimes you need consistent and productive, guy showing up every day, doing his job, and doing it extremely well. Guys willing to do what Barrs does are part of championship rosters. The tasks they perform build foundations for success. There are a lot of big names on the transfer list, but there are also several yeomen. Barrs may do yeoman work, but you’ll know his name by the end of the year.”

Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire