Kylie Jenner sparks engagement rumors with a diamond ring on THAT finger

You Win Internet

Kylie Jenner returned to social media after giving birth, and she’s certainly making waves. The reality star posted two photos onto Instagram; she’s wearing an Adidas tracksuit that perfectly matched the interior of her Bentley. It wasn’t her outfit, however, that got everyone talking. Fans noticed one very important accessory on the 20-year-old new mom — a diamond ring on that finger.

Immediately, speculation grew that Kylie Jenner is engaged to her boyfriend of less than a year, Travis Scott.

Adding fuel to the engagement fire, Kylie was spotted wearing the same ring in her birth announcement video last week. Fans again asked themselves, “is Kylie Jenner engaged?”

The reality star mom has not responded to the speculation, and if you ask us she won’t. This is, after all, the same girl who hid her pregnancy from the entire world — you better believe she’ll hide an engagement.

Fans, though, don’t seem to mind the secrecy. They’re just happy to have Kylie back on social media!

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