Kyler Murray un-scrubs Instagram, brings back Cardinals pics

After a month of drama and statements, Kyler Murray's Instagram once again contains Arizona Cardinals content.

Murray restored his Instagram on Tuesday, bringing back all the content he scrubbed last month.

The Great Cardinals Instagram Scrub of 2022, which took place in early February, saw Murray delete all but two posts from his Instagram account, removing all Cardinals content and any mention of the team he quarterbacks. It was unexpected, and it led to reports of a rift between Murray and the Cards — specifically that he was frustrated with the team and upset that he was being made the "scapegoat" after the ugly season-ending playoff loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

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That led to the Cardinals releasing a statement about Murray, which happened to be around the same time it was reported that the Cardinals had concerns about Murray's maturity. Specifically, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the Cards saw Murray as "self-centered, immature and someone who points fingers."

Murray then released his own statement, saying that "this nonsense is not what I'm about" — though he's the one who started all the "nonsense" by scrubbing his Insta.

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 25: Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray (1) warms up prior to the start of an NFL game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Arizona Cardinals on December 25, 2021 at State Farm Stadium, in Glendale AZ. (Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Kyler Murray restored his Instagram archive, including all his Cardinals pics. (Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

As if that wasn't enough, Murray's agent then released his own statement about how much Murray wants to be Arizona's QB of the future. In other words, he wants a major deal to stay with the franchise that drafted him.


And now Murray's Instagram is back to normal. We don't know what, if anything, led Murray to bring back all of his posts, but for now it seems like this drama has gone dormant. Notably, though, the drama isn't dead. Just like a hibernating animal, it will eventually wake up from its slumber and return to the conversation when the time is right.