Kyler Murray reportedly not planning to throw at combine, but will it matter?

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Now that Kyler Murray has weighed in, the next big question awaits the Oklahoma quarterback: Will he throw at the NFL scouting combine?

The answer, as of Thursday morning, is that teams will have to wait for Murray’s pro day. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said Murray told teams in Indianapolis he doesn’t plan to throw. NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero added that Murray doesn’t plan to do any drills. However, Rapoport added that Murray “is a competitor who could throw after seeing everyone else do it.” 

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It seems the decision isn’t final, and certainly ABC — which will have two hours of live broadcast on Saturday from the combine, which coincides with quarterback workouts — is hoping Murray throws. As do NFL teams on site. But it’s not unusual for top quarterbacks to wait.

Kyler Murray reportedly isn’t planning to throw at the NFL scouting combine. (AP)
Kyler Murray reportedly isn’t planning to throw at the NFL scouting combine. (AP)

Kyler Murray reportedly won’t throw, which isn’t unusual

Last year, Sam Darnold didn’t throw at the combine. He went third overall. Other star quarterbacks through the years have decided to skip that part of the process. They wanted to wait for the more comfortable setting of their pro day to throw. There’s no evidence it hurt their draft stock in the slightest.

Still, if Murray decides to not throw, get ready to hear many teams leak through various media outlets how it reflects poorly on Murray. NFL teams like having college prospects jump through as many hoops as possible, and you can decide if there’s legitimate value to teams in that. Murray threw 517 passes in college. Teams have access to all of that film.

Still, whether Murray throws or not will be a big topic this week, since he’s the biggest name in this draft.

Where will Murray go in the draft?

If an NFL team with a top-10 pick is basing its decision to draft Murray, the Heisman Trophy winner last season, on whether he throws in shorts at Indianapolis, Murray is probably better off if that team passes anyway.

Murray will get some interest from many teams looking for their quarterback of the future, perhaps starting with the Arizona Cardinals at No. 1 overall. They’ll all want Murray to throw to continue to collect data, but they’ll see him at his pro day. And they have a lot of tape to watch.

But you’ll hear a lot about Murray’s decision whether to throw or not this week. We’ll see if the pressure causes him to change his mind and throw.

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