Kyler Murray remains awkwardly silent on the football/baseball question

Jay Busbee
<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/ncaaf/players/255122/" data-ylk="slk:Kyler Murray">Kyler Murray</a> wasn’t in the mood to answer Dan Patrick’s questions about his future. (Screenshot)
Kyler Murray wasn’t in the mood to answer Dan Patrick’s questions about his future. (Screenshot)

ATLANTA — It took five days and innumerable interviews across hundreds of media outlets, but Super Bowl LIII finally has its first legitimately weird moment.

Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show, Heisman Trophy winner, former Oklahoma quarterback, current Oakland A’s minor-leaguer, and possible future NFL draft pick Kyler Murray got the only question anyone would possibly want to know about him right now — football or baseball? — and fumbled it or let it go right between his legs, choose your metaphor. Patrick tried to get Murray to at least concede he’d be going to the NFL Combine or holding a pro day to allow scouts to assess his skills, and, well … no luck.

“Are you going to the combine?” Patrick asked.

Murray just waved his hand in the air and stayed silent.

“Dad, is he going to the combine?” Patrick called to Murray’s father standing offscreen. “Dad has no comment. Pro day?”

More silence, long seconds stretching out, until finally Murray offered a lame, “I guess. We’ll see. Yeah.”

When Patrick said it would be OK for Murray to have a pro day, Murray replied, “That would imply that I was going to play football.”

Patrick tried a different tack. “When do you report for spring training?” Murray responded almost immediately, “February 16.”

“So you’re ready to go to do that,” Patrick said. Again, silence.

“You know these microphones are on right now,” said Patrick, doing a convincing impression of a guy growing frustrated but knowing full well what gold this was.

“How tough is it that you’re doing this with Gatorade, but you know every place you go is going to ask you the same questions?” Patrick asked.

“I’m getting pretty good, you know, at answering these questions,” Murray said, despite the fact that he had not, you know, answered the questions.

How does this happen? How does Murray come to Super Bowl week, the most concentrated collection of sports journalists anywhere in America, any time of the year, and not get better prepared for the inevitable questions than that? Strange scene all the way around, but hey, at least we got some fun out of this week.
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