Kyler Murray: It’s my job to know offense better than anyone

Josh Alper

Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said recently that rookie quarterback Kyler Murray knows the offense being installed by head coach Kliff Kingsbury better than anyone else on the team and the rookie isn’t going to argue with the team’s veteran leader.

Murray played in a similar offensive system while at Oklahoma and Kingsbury said that gives him a leg up on some “terminology and concepts” that others are seeing for the first time. Murray also noted that knowing the offense inside and out is a pretty big part of the job.

“Is it true? I’d say obviously I’m more familiar with it,” Murray said, via “Coach Kingsbury obviously knows it the best. But yeah, obviously with [Fitzgerald] being a veteran and not having to come to every OTA and stuff like that and me being there every day, studying every day, yes, I do know it better. But that’s my job.”

Murray said more than once on Tuesday that he thinks the offense can be “dangerous” once everyone is on the same page. A desire to put that kind of unit together is why Murray and Kingsbury are in Arizona, although just how dangerous they’ll be in 2019 is a question that can’t be answered until they’re on the field with other teams.

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