Kyler Murray’s clapping motions were “too abrupt” on false starts

Curtis Crabtree

Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Kyler Murray got slapped with a pair of false start penalties for the motions he was making in calling for the snap Thursday night against the Oakland Raiders.

According to Josh Weinfuss of, Murray said officials too hold him the clapping motions he was making were “too abrupt” and “not smooth enough as far as bringing my hands together.”

Clapping to trigger a snap has become more prominent in college football in recent years. The action itself is legal but the manner in which Murray was executing it was deemed to have crossed a line in simulating a snap. The rule itself reads for players in shotgun formation: “A player who is in position to receive the snap in shotgun formation is permitted to shift his feet prior to the snap, but any quick and abrupt movement is a False Start. This includes thrusting his hands forward when there is not a simultaneous snap.”

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“I think it’s the first time for certain officials to see it, and we’ve been in contact with the league and had a great conversation on it,” Kingsbury said. “We’re going to work through that and make sure everybody’s on the same page. We want to be on the same page as them and make sure we’re doing things that they deem legal.”

“To me, it’s like any other hard count,” Murray said. “It’s the defense’s job to watch the ball, so it really doesn’t make sense to me. I think we’re trying to fix things right now.”

That isn’t the way Carl Cheffers’ crew saw it on Thursday night. If that’s the standard the rest of the crews are going to follow, Murray and the Cardinals may have to adjust their procedures slightly to compensate.

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