Kyle Shanahan: Wish practice field was better, but we'll deal with it

The 49ers' displeasure with the firmness of the practice field at UNLV has been much discussed this week and the team had its first formal session on the field Wednesday.

Shanahan said at his press conference on Wednesday afternoon that it was a "normal practice" and that the team is going to continue practice there for the rest of the week because a change would force the team "to go too early in the morning." Shanahan called staying at UNLV the "best choice we've got" while making it clear that it wasn't exactly what the team would have drawn up for themselves.

"We’re here, we’re practicing on it. Everyone has their preferences. Wish things were better, but we’ll deal with how it is," Shanahan said.

The 49ers will have to deal with it for two more practices before they'll be on the field at Allegiant Stadium to face the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII. If all goes well, the lasting memory of their week will be their performance on that field rather than their issues with the practice one.