Kyle Shanahan can’t escape other people’s opinions about NFL draft

Kyle Shanahan can’t escape questions about the NFL draft and the 49ers’ choice with the No. 3 overall pick.

Despite the fact he (publicly) doesn’t have a Twitter account and until Monday hadn’t spoken to media since March 29 after the club made their trade up in the draft, Shanahan hasn’t been able to avoid the loud conversations among fans about the team’s selection.

He told reporters in a Monday press conference that the constant chatter about the pick doesn’t stop when he leaves the team facility, and people’s demands over who the 49ers take do eventually find him.

“I would love to make everyone happy. Everyone wants to do that,” Shanahan said. “I’ve been in this league long enough though, that you do have to block that stuff out. You can’t make decisions based off of that. I think it used to be a lot easier, because you didn’t have to carry phones with you or anything. So, you’ve got to get very good at not checking that stuff, but I do go to restaurants. I do go to my kid’s soccer games. Every single person, whether it’s a ref, an umpire, another parent, everyone has a strong opinion and most people let me know. Every one of my friends, trust me, most of them are just texting my wife now because they know they don’t get a response back. But, that’s a part of life.”

This underscores a fascinating element of what the pre-draft process has become. Access to information and the amount of draft analysis coming from reputable outlets lets everybody form some kind of educated opinion.

It also goes to show how vital this pick is for the 49ers. It’s not just a move a couple spots up to snag a defensive end or something. This is a monster move up the board to pick a quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. The expectations were going to be high no matter what, but the added wrinkle of the draft capital the team shed to select the player means their climb to get into the Joe Montana-Steve Young tier is going to be particularly steep.

The 49ers always needed to get this pick right, but missing on it now could wind up having a pretty dramatic long-term effect on Shanahan and 49ers fans.


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