Kyle Shanahan shares comical story of 'football fight' with dad in Washington

Shanahan shares comical story about 'football fight' with dad originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Working with family can be challenging in any field, especially if it’s on an NFL coaching staff.

In 2010, Kyle Shanahan had an opportunity to work alongside his father, Mike, when the Super Bowl-winning coach took over the Washington Commanders’ job.

During a roundtable discussion on "Sunday NFL Countdown" with ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur and Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay --who were all on the Washington coaching staff with the Shanahans -- Kyle Shanahan recounted a hilarious football fight with his father.

The 49ers' coach shared a story when he tried to install the zone read in the Commanders’ offense, and Mike was not having the idea at all, leading to the two not talking to each other while still attempting to coach the team.

“We both were seeing [the zone read] differently,” Shanahan told the roundtable. “I was seeing out of the pistol; he was seeing it out of the shotgun. The first day I installed it, I went a little more of how I saw it, and he was watching it, and I came in, felt so proud. I thought it was awesome.

“I came up like, ‘Hey, did you like that? What’d you think?’ He goes, ‘It was the worst install I’ve ever seen.’ And that’s how he talks. I go, ‘Screw you, dad.’ I was so mad. And this was toward the end of OTAs, so it got awkward. And these guys [McVay and LaFleur] know, my dad’s mad at me because I said that to him.”

Additionally, Shanahan explained that this football fight over the zone read didn’t stay on the field and within the facility walls, as it took a vacation to Mexico for the two to finally have a conversation.

“We don’t talk at practice, we’re doing it all, and then it ends and we go on vacation and we’re meeting him down in Mexico, and we’re sitting at the table and we still haven’t talked,” Shanahan added. “And then my wife finally goes, ‘Have you guys still not talked since your football fight?’”

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Family drama or not, Mike Shanahan clearly had an influence on the young coaches that made up his coaching staff in Washington, given how many have gone on to be hired as head coaches in the NFL.

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