Kyle Shanahan plans to defer if 49ers win the toss

The Packers threw the Cowboys a curveball by winning the toss and not electing to defer the option to the second half. Instead, Green Bay got the ball and scored, setting the tone for the day.

The 49ers aren't concerned about the Packers doing the same thing, apparently. Asked Thursday by reporters whether he'll change his habit of deferring the option when winning the toss in order to disrupt the potential rhythm of Packers quarterback Jordan Love, coach Kyle Shanahan had a one-word answer: "Nope."

“I think he can have rhythm in the beginning of the third quarter too," Shanahan said. "I think he had some good rhythm on the second drive, also. I don't think it's because he started with the ball personally, but that's just everyone's preference. It's always good to get up to a big lead. It's also good to score at the end of the second quarter and get the ball first, just like Dallas did, which would've got them right back into it if they did score in the opening third and Green Bay didn’t answer. If I felt our team was struggling in something that would change your mind. I usually think that's just coincidence. When you play good football, usually you score. When things don't happen, you don't.”

Shanahan explained that the goal of deferring is to engineer, if possible, scoring to end the first half and to start the second.

"You’ve got a chance to get an extra possession," he said. "I didn't used to know this or think it, but just listening to people for the last 15 years. I didn't think about it all growing up or when I first got into the league, but watching it all now and really studying it since I was in Atlanta, I just feel pretty strong about it.”

So there you have it. The 49ers will defer if they win the toss.

It's not known what the Packers will do. Other than, you know, not send cornerback Jaire Alexander out for the coin toss.