Kyle Shanahan has no problem blocking family reunion

Darin Gantt
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

It was natural for Packers coach Matt LaFleur to want to hire his little brother.

But it was easy for 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan to say no.

Shanahan prevented the family reunion by rejecting a request from the Packers to interview Mike LaFleur this offseason.

I was never tempted,” Shanahan said, via Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “It was very easy, and I looked forward to saying ‘no’ very quickly. As quick as I can. . . .

“Because he’s my coordinator. I mean, and I get the family stuff and everything, and I’m sure if things got pretty rough for a while, eventually I would’ve softened up and given in – maybe. But Mike’s my coordinator, and he does a hell of a job. He’s a really talented guy, and we put a lot of work in together. I feel very fortunate to have him this year, and I plan on staying that way until he gets a head coach job.”

The LaFleurs and Shanahan were together in Atlanta, and Shanahan took Mike with him to San Francisco. He started as receivers coach but was promoted to passing game coordinator.

So if he wants to join his brother in Green Bay, which he has mentioned in the past as a possibility, he’d need to wait for his contract to expire.

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