Kyle Shanahan couldn't believe Brock Purdy made the throw on TD pass to Brandon Aiyuk

When 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy made the game-sealing touchdown throw to Brandon Aiyuk on Thanksgiving night, head coach Kyle Shanahan was shocked.

The Seahawks' zone coverage was surrounding Aiyuk on the play, and Shanahan thought the right read was for Purdy to check down for a shorter gain. Instead, Purdy dropped the ball perfectly into Aiyuk's hands for the 28-yard touchdown.

"I couldn't believe he was throwing it," Shanahan said. "The zone coverage guys were so deep, which usually you can check it down right underneath them and get about 12, but Brock thought he could drop it in over the guy, and it was a clear view for all of us and a hell of a throw, perfect touch, got it over him, and that was the big play that sealed it."

Shanahan said Purdy often takes a chance downfield on a play when other quarterbacks would have made the safer checkdown.

"He does that pretty consistently, he's always trying to get that one in. Very rarely does he check it down and you tell him he missed the deep one. He looks at it that way. He proved to us while the ball was in the air it was the right direction," Shanahan said.

Shanahan was asked whether he thought at the moment Purdy threw the ball that he had made the wrong read.

"Yeah, we're all holding our breath as soon as he lets it go because the guy was so deep, but Brock's got the touch and he was able to throw it over him," Shanahan said. "He made the throw and I wouldn't have known it until he threw it, but once he threw it, it obviously was there."

It was a sensational play by Purdy in a big win for the 49ers, one that ought to get Purdy's name in more MVP conversations.