Kyle Lowry has started a juice business

Several famous basketball players have become synonymous with beverages, from Michael Jordan with Gatorade to Grant Hill with Sprite. As far as I know, though, most of those players did not create the drinks themselves — they were simply hired as spokesmen and promoted the products accordingly.

New Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry, then, stands out as a pioneer. Thought not without some help, Lowry has developed a juice drink called Famjuice, available in eight flavors including "Fruit Punch" and "Iced Tea and Lemonade" (aka the Arnold Palmer). For the time being, the drinks appear to be available only in Lowry's native Philadelphia, although he presumably has the hopes of making the drinks go national — or international, if he manages to sell them at Raptors games.

After the jump, check out a photo of Lowry handing out drinks in Philly, plus my shameless plea for some samples.

I live quite far from Pennsylvania, so I have unfortunately not been able to sample any of the juices. However, I consider myself something of a juice connoisseur: I live a short walk from a Trader Joe's and am currently having their Lemon Ginger Echinacea, so clearly my taste skews adventurous. If the people behind Famjuice would like to send me a few bottles of their product, I would be happy to sample it and review it on the site. (Also, I am thirsty.)

If any Pennsylvanians have had any Famjuice, please tell us your thoughts in the comments. I have no idea if I'll actually be sent any, and if they need to be refrigerated it probably wouldn't be healthy for me to have them post-transit, anyway.

via Deadspin