When Kyle Juszczyk knew Trey Lance was ready to be 49ers' starting QB

Juice's great story of when he knew Lance was ready to be QB1 originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

The 49ers have moved on from Jimmy Garoppolo and will have Trey Lance as their starting quarterback this season, Kyle Shanahan confirmed as the 49ers reported to training camp on Tuesday.

While it became official on the opening day of camp, 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk recalled the exact moment he knew Lance was QB1 material.

“It was during last season against Houston,” Juszczyk told reporters on Tuesday. “He scored his first touchdown, he had either thrown it or ran it in, I think he had thrown it. And we’re all celebrating in the end zone. And I remember Trey kind of talking to himself, and kind of talking to us, and he said something like ‘I just needed to get that first one off my back, now I’m good, I’m ready to roll.’

“And you could feel it, too. You can feel the nerves when someone’s going out there for one of their first starts in the NFL and being a quarterback, I understand, there’s a lot on your plate. But it was in that moment that you can feel the weight come off of his shoulders. And that gave me an extreme amount of confidence that he was ready then, and that that’s just going to carry into this season, and once it was his time to be the No. 1, that he was going to be ready for it.”

In six games and two starts last season, Lance threw just 71 passes but had a 97.3 passer rating. He completed 57.7 percent of his passes for 603 yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions.

While there were reports of Lance's "arm fatigue", Shanahan isn't a bit concerned.

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With what's expected to be a very good offense around him, along with an offensive mastermind in Shanahan, Lance's true potential is still to come.

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