Kyle Juszczyk on difficult upcoming games: Our opponents have a tough schedule too

Josh Alper

The 49ers have an imposing stretch of schedule in front of them the next three weeks.

They’re facing the Packers, the Ravens and the Saints in a three-game run that could make some history. If the Ravens and Saints keep their winning percentages above 80 percent, it will mark the first time a team has faced three teams with winning percentages that high this late in the season.

Many see this as a test of the 49ers’ strength, but fullback Kyle Juszczyk sees things a little differently. Rather than viewing these games as a measuring stick, Juszczyk thinks the 49ers can be seen as the measuring stick for their opponents.

“We’ve seemed to answer each thing each week,” Juszczyk said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “But it really doesn’t matter. As far as the stretch going forward at the same time these teams have to play us, we are a 9-1 team, so I think they have a pretty tough schedule ahead of themselves as well.”

However you choose to view the stretch, the next three weeks are going to help define the playoff outlook for four teams that have been among the best in the league so far this season.

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