Kyle Anderson tells a group of kids that he wanted to be a Spur months before they drafted him (Video)

Kyle Anderson, moments after his wish came true. (Getty Images)


Kyle Anderson, moments after his wish came true. (Getty Images)

Almost immediately after the San Antonio Spurs selected Kyle Anderson with the final pick in the first round of the 2014 NBA draft, pundits and fans alike joined in a chorus crediting the Spurs with finding the most San Antonio Spurs-like player available at that particular spot. Some would argue that the do-it-all UCLA forward was the most Spurs-ready player available in the entire draft, much less in the lower part of the first round.

Apparently a documentary film crew, working on a film entitled “Slow-Mo” after Anderson’s nickname, caught the prospect making some prescient statements to a group of grade schoolers some two and a half months before the draft, and two months before the Spurs won their fifth title of the Tim Duncan era.

Give it a watch:

Anderson is right, you do have to watch the Spurs. We’re just over two weeks removed from being able to watch the Spurs play basketball just about every other night, and I badly miss watching the Spurs.

(The indifference of the schoolchildren is understandable, by the way, and pretty damned hilarious in retrospect. Hopefully they got their TNT act together by the time the playoffs rolled around 10 days later.)

(Hat-tip, Pounding the Rock.)

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