Kwesi Adofo-Mensah: We have a "preferred scenario" for 23rd pick, but process is ongoing

After the Vikings made a trade with the Texans last week to acquire the 23rd overall pick in this year's draft, the popular reaction was that it was a precursor for another move that would put the team in position to draft a quarterback at the top of the first round.

General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah didn't reveal exactly what the team has in mind during a Monday appearance on KFAN, but he also didn't do anything to dismiss the notion that the trade was the first step in a larger plan.

"We just thought that move gave us the best flexibility for whatever can happen. . . . I would say at this point there is a preferred scenario but the process is ongoing," Adofo-Mensah said, via Kevin Seifert of

The Vikings' desire to move higher up the board is only part of the equation. They need someone else to be interested in trading down and they need the player they want to be available at that spot, so there are lot of wheels in motion with over a month before players start coming off the board.