Kurt Warner names his top 5 quarterbacks of 2019


Kurt Warner knows a thing or two about successful NFL quarterbacks, but his list of the top 5 signal-callers heading into the 2019 season may surprise you.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer's list includes two quarterbacks who didn't make the postseason in 2018 and three who did. Several of last season's stars, including rookie Baker Mayfield and the resurging Andrew Luck, didn't quite make the cut, nor did Super Bowl LIII contender Jared Goff.

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Tom Brady, approaching his 42nd birthday, was, of course, still atop the ranking. Quarterbacks who are often compared to him, however, like Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger, found themselves farther down. 

"I know at some point in time, he's not going to be the best player in the league," Warner said of Brady, his Super Bowl XXXVI opponent. "But as of right now – I mean, he just won another championship, so I don't see him slowing down."

Watch the video above to see Warner's full list.

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