Kuminga reveals trait he values most in third Warriors season

Jonathan Kuminga isn’t scared of anything.

Roughly two and a half seasons into his Warriors career, the 21-year-old forward has established himself as a fearless player on the hardwood.

In the latest episode of “Dubs Talk,” Kuminga explained to NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith Burke and Monte Poole which on-court trait he values most.

“I mean, it’s definitely just having the courage to go out there and play as hard as you can,” Kuminga told Burke and Poole. “Not every day do you wake up feeling like you want to do things, want to do something. So just having that mindset of going out there every day and saying, ‘No matter how I’m feeling, I got to get things done.’

“And obviously, that’s been my mindset.”

Kuminga bravely has seized every opportunity throughout his three-year NBA career and has given Golden State his all in bench and starting roles.

And as Kuminga suggested, he does everything he can to make the game easier for his teammates, instinctively offering whatever gas he has in the tank — even when some days are more taxing.

But Kuminga also mentioned a name rather than another trait as a source of motivation that fuels his game and life off the court.

“When you have people like Draymond [Green] hyping you up, and seeing Draymond out there fighting hard, playing hard every time, it just motivates you to follow his lead, follow what he’s doing,” Kuminga said. “As you all see Draymond battling and playing hard, it’s like a key to unlock everything. That’s how I am watching him, just gaining that motivation from Draymond.”

The two have formed a tight relationship over their three seasons as Warriors teammates, and Green constantly labels Kuminga a star.

The 12-year veteran’s disposition has influenced Kuminga, as the youngster plays with Green’s same high energy, effort and overall fight.

Kuminga, averaging 18.4 points, 5.3 rebounds and 3.0 assists over his last 20 games, has much to be proud of at this stage of his young NBA career.

But courage stands above all to Kuminga and is a trait he carries with the utmost importance.

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