Kristen Wiig butchers classic song with James Corden

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Kristen Wiig visited The Late Late Show where she performed a duet of "Hallelujah" with James Corden. While Corden is known for being an excellent singer, it was Wiig who stood out.

Wiig hit all the right notes, but unfortunately she didn't hit all the right words. The actress struggle with the pronunciation of Hallelujah.

Noticing her inability to sing the chorus, Corden tried to teach how to pronounce the word correctly. At first she struggled, substituting the word with Holly-doo-dah, Halle Berry, and Hickory Farms.

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Ultimately, Wiig got the gist of the word and the two made beautiful music. That is until the gospel choir backed them up.

Apparently Wiig had "warmed them up" prior to the performance. So instead of singing Hallelujah, they sang "Hello Julia."

It was all too much for Corden, who opted to go to commercial break.

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