Kristaps Porzingis might think the Knicks are the best organization in the NBA

Kristaps Porzingis might think the Knicks are the best organization in the NBA

Latvian big man Kristaps Porzingis might turn out to have the highest upside of any player in Thursday’s NBA draft. He also, undoubtedly, has more to learn about the NBA than any other draft prospect out there – not only is he only 19, but he’s only played with a lightly-regarded Spanish club so far.

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On top of that, he’ll quickly have to learn the tendencies of 400-odd NBA players by fall, even if his initial swipe at scouting some of the league’s best big men was quite impressive. And, at the very least, he’ll also have to learn the recent histories of 30 NBA teams.

He is not … he is not off to a good start.

No, Kristaps, the Knicks are not the best organization in the NBA. At best, they’re running neck and neck with the Sacramento Kings right now, with the Kings having taken a small advantage due to the fact that they weren’t found liable in a sexual harassment suit within the last decade.

Now, you have to give the young man a break as he’s wined and dined by various teams considering him with a top five pick (New York will select at No. 4 on Thursday evening), and the Knicks have long been known for sparing no expense when it came to interviewing potential Once a Knick, Always a Knick candidates.

The team might want to invest in some security detail for these meetings, however. You never know when the dessert could fly:

That’s Kevon Looney, former UCLA stud and possible low-lottery selection, watching as years’ worth of James Dolan-led dysfunction came to a delicious, chocolate-y head.

Knicks head coach Derek Fisher did a very un-Knick-like thing in response, and kept his wits about him:

And with that, Derek Fisher may have just moved a step ahead of Sacramento’s George Karl. Things are looking up, New York.

(Hat tips: Pro Basketball Talk, and Complex.)

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